Fight for the Best Payday Loan Consolidation

It is a known fact that interest rates on savings accounts are incredibly low. In fact, the average savings account is up 0.06% .1 This is so far from pre-crisis times, it’s shocking.  

At such low rates, you might ask, “Why even a savings account? Why do not I just put my hard-earned money under the mattress? “We can not blame you. However, if you did that, you would leave money on the table (or under the mattress). There are much better options out there; Savings account options that earn fifteen times the average rate of 0.06%.  

We went in search of the best payday loan consolidation. In our search, we found credit card consolidation companies reviews.

You would be in good shape if you had one of these accounts, but after a thorough analysis, one of them really deserves the title of best savings account. Here you are at a glance:  

We were just as amazed when we saw these numbers for the first time. 2.00% and 1.90%? Why did not I hear about these accounts before putting my money in the [big, untrusted Bank X]? 

However, they can not come to a conclusion because there are other important factors to consider when opening a savings account. So we broke them down piece by piece.  

The reputation of the bank  

That may not have been very important to us before the financial crisis, but times have changed. We need to feel safe where we put our hard earned money. Each of these banks is covered by the maximum FDIC guarantee of $ 250,000. This means that if the bank goes down, the US government would pay you back every cent you had on your account up to $ 250,000. Bank of America, Chase, etc. all have the same insurance.  

More than just FDIC insurance, we need reliability and value from our bank. So here’s how the top banks in terms of reputation:  

Customer service and ease of use  

These companies all have good customer service after online reviews. 3-star ratings may not sound good for a restaurant, but for an industry that really suffers from an image problem, 3-star ratings are among the best ratings. In comparison, Bank of America had 1.6 stars, HSBC 1.4 stars, and Chase 2.5 stars.  

So, how did we find that out? Members of our team personally opened an account in each and compared notes over a two-week period.  

All banks websites are state of the art and incredibly intuitive, and each one has an “American English” speaking support team that is very attentive and easy to use.