Check the patrimony of all the deputies of the Parliament of Catalonia

Núria de Gispert is not only the deputy with the highest salary of the Parliament but also, and with a notable difference, the richest, according to the declarations of assets that appear in the new portal of Transparency of the Catalan Chamber. The President of the Parliament has assets worth 1,815,044 euros, more than double the assets of any other deputy, with the exception of the second in the list: Salvador Milà (ICV), which accumulates assets worth 1,151,973 euros.

Most of the wealth of De Gispert comes from the valuation of the real estate of which it owns. In his original declaration of assets, published on the Parlament website on July 1, the date on which the Catalan Transparency Act came into effect, De Gispert indicated that he owns six homes (three of them at 50%), one garage and an urban property valued at 439,000 euros. Later, he added, in the section ‘Other considerations’, that he also owns 50% of two “undivided family property”, whose cadastral value or acquisition value is 671,340 euros and 1,184,515 respectively. In total, the President of the Parliament is the owner of real estate valued at 1,647,263 euros -considering that only the value corresponding to the percentage on the property of the house declared by the deputy is added. The movable capital (money in current accounts, stocks, pension plans, etc.) declared by De Gispert adds 167,781 euros more to his fortune.

After De Gispert, the deputy with the greatest patrimony is Salvador Milà

from Iniciativa per Catalunya Verds. Milà owns 100% of six homes, three parking spaces, and one store. In addition, it has about 90,000 euros in current accounts, 255,000 euros in pension plans and shares in mercantile companies of a family nature. In total it has assets worth 1,151,973 euros.

The third deputy whose assets stand out above the average is Miquel Iceta (PSC), who has assets worth 826,818 euros. Iceta owns two homes, has 132,645 euros in shares and another 105,000 in pension plans, in addition to a table valued at around 10.00 euros, among other assets.

The President of the Generalitat, Artur Mas, is the seventh deputy to declare more assets: a house valued at 231,000 euros, 110,000 euros in current accounts, 51,000 in shares and 213,000 in pension plans for a total of just over 600,000 euros of heritage. The leader of ERC, Oriol Junqueras, has assets worth 348.00 euros, divided into a house valued at 200,000 euros, another urban property of 60,000 euros, slightly less than 20,000 euros in the bank, 58,000 in other transferable securities (public securities), mutual funds or similar) and 111,000 in pension plans.

Albert Rivera (C’s), for his part, declares to have 4,000 euros in current accounts and no other movable capital. It also declares two real estate assets: each housing for a total value of 184,000 euros (taking into account that they are 50% shared property). Alicia Sánchez Camacho (PP) has even fewer savings than Rivera in the bank: 3,300 euros. The popular leader, however, is one of the deputies who owes more on mortgage loans and other loans: more than 1,100,000 euros (although one of the loans is in the process of cancellation for sale of the house)- click here now Kanastacorp.

Much more surprising is the case of the deputy of CiU Begonya Montalban

who although only declares to own an urban property for less than 13,000 euros, has up to four mortgage loans, a credit for a vehicle and a credit policy, which add up 1,157,000 euros in loans. She is the second deputy who owes more money in loans, behind Núria de Gispert, who also leads this ranking (she has more than 1.5 million euros in credits).

The following four interactive tables allow us to explore all these data: the first, which offers an overview, collects and shows the result of the value of the real estate and the capital of all the deputies; the second details the type of real estate owned by each politician; the third specifies how the capital of each one is distributed and the fourth figure the total of loans and credits that each deputy of the Parlament had pending to amortize on the date of declaration of assets (July 2015):

Note: the information on the Transparency website of the Parliament of Catalonia is updated periodically with the data provided by the deputies, so it is possible that the figures referenced in this news do not coincide exactly with those that appear on the web at the moment this information is published or consulted. This information has been prepared on the basis of the information provided on the Parlament website on July 13, 2015.